North Coast Tour

To get to Nungwi, on the North Coast, the dhow making capital of Zanzibar, you will drive past the fish markets where fresh seafood is auctioned off. Experience dhow making like they have been made for centuries. Even the tools are still made the same way. These experienced craftsmen often invite visitors to give this craft a try while they give a few pointers. A visit to the turtle sactuary and aquarium are also to be enjoyed. Next, a guided tour through the Nungwi village where time seems to have stopped. Smiling children playing in the streets and mammas cooking over fires. Enjoy a walk down to the beach for some sunbathing, snorkelling, free time or an optional lunch at one of Nungwi's best restaurants. While in the North, why not arrange a later transfer back to your hotel, to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world with a cocktail in hand.

Places visited:

  • Nungwi village
  • Turtle sanctuary
  • Aquarium