• Maldives diving


The clear, blue waters of the Maldives are home to an amazing array of fish and colourful coral reefs. With a myriad of nutrient-rich channels, drift diving is very popular and divers can really enjoy the abundance of marine life. Species of fish include parrotfish, Napoleon wrasse, snappers, rays, and a variety of sharks including the friendly whale shark.

The colourful soft coral and many caves in the Maldives create the appearance of a beautiful underwater garden covering the ocean floor. Covered in sponges and soft coral are pinnacles of rock called 'thilas' that rise up from the ocean floor.

Located in the north-west of the Maldive islands is the Ari Atoll which is considered one of the best diving locations. The atoll offers great reliability for viewing of big fish including manta rays, hammerheads, whale sharks, large schools of blacktail barracuda and Napoleon wrasse.

Diving is possible all year round in the Maldives although December to April is probably the best time to visit when visibility is at its best. From May to August is the wet season and dive sites can be reduced due to poor surface conditions. As a general rule diving is better on the western side of any atoll from May to November and on the eastern side from December to April.